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Meet Our Clients


I first utilised Hammond Consulting when applying for summer internships/placements during my penultimate year of university. I attended a workshop, which involved Hama spending the time with me to go through the interview process and understand how to apply skills that I had attained in previous job roles, to the corporate sector.


Attending interviews within a corporate environment can initially be quite daunting. However, Hammond Consulting took the time to reassure me and give me the confidence needed to ensure that I could be the best candidate for the job role. After spending time and refining my skills and approach through mock assessments with Hammond Consulting, I successfully obtained a placement year at one of the world’s largest motor finance companies.


His assistance did not stop after I received my initial offer; Hama continued to offer his support and guidance throughout the year until present. I am really pleased to have been able to benefit from using Hammond Consulting services and would highly recommend this to anyone currently looking for assistance in these areas.


I attended Hama’s workshops on drafting CVs and tailoring them to specific roles. It has been the changing factor and has greatly improved my confidence and ability to compose both CVs and cover letters. 


Hammond Consulting also covers interviews as well as networking etiquettes which has really empowered me for this application time; as a current masters student, having a well articulated CV means I do not miss tailored opportunities. 


One of the notable things I’ve learnt from Hama is how to give a self pitch; it’s very common for an interviewer to ask you to tell them about yourself, which is something I’ve always found quite daunting but now, regardless of what sector or individual I am communicating with, I am well assured that I can formulate an appropriate response due to the coaching provided by Hammond Consulting. 


So, if you find yourself in a similar situation like myself where you’re looking for a graduate role of even pursuing a PHD, do yourself a favour and get in touch. Hama will not only transform your confidence but also your understanding of the corporate world and industry.


Hammond Consulting Group’s services have really helped me to enhance my CV, enabling me to pass initial screening of online applications for a variety of job roles.


Hama took the time to critically analyse and assess my current CV, tailoring my experience and skills to the job specifications I had been seeking. I didn’t feel as if the process was rushed and can say that great attention to detail was made to ensure that my needs and concerns were met. 


Not only have I used his skills to help improve my CV, but one-to-one sessions with Hama have allowed me to gain confidence in both my verbal and non-verbal communication. This has included interview skills and preparation, psychometric testing, understanding how to approach and target questions and other avenues.


Hama’s help has been a testament to my growth as an individual. Hammond Consulting has continued to provide exceptional after-sales care, ensuring that I can continue to seek help and guidance throughout my career journey.


I first utilised Hammond Consulting during my last year of university, after attending their “Job Application and Interview Preparation” workshop. I was enlightened on the types of job roles available to graduates and job processes. In just one meeting, Hama was able to improve my personal statement by structuring it to meet the requirements of my field.   


Hammond Consulting continues to aid my professional growth/career development through leadership and managerial training. This helped me to attain a promotion in a senior role within 16 months of working at my current job.


I am pleased to say that I have really benefited from the services they provided and highly recommend them for anyone who needs help in CV review, CV building and career development.

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